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Which island in Maldives for a land based surf trip? 27.11.2017 09:50 [OPTIONEN] [TOP] [DOWN]

Hi all,

Looking to visit Maldives for a week early April. Traveling with two-non surfers so instead of a boat trip we are planning to stay in a budget hotel/inn. Not interested in 5-star resorts as there are bunch reasonably priced places in AirBnB etc. Ideally located on an island where I could walk / take a short boat ride to access a local break (more keen on rights than lefts) and then occasional half-day/full-day boat trip to other spots if possible.

I have done some research and pretty much narrowed it down to Thulusdhoo (Cokes, Chickens) or Himmafushi (Jails, plus Honkys and Sultans near). Or would it be worth it to stay somewhere more secluded like South Atoll and then take boat trips from there?

Any tips appreciated,


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If you re refering to windsurfing.
The Island Dhonveli is THAT windsurfer island of the Maldives, and also very good for families.


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